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It seems like no matter what you do, every day you come in contact with some sort of advertisement. Whether it’s on TV, Facebook, the side of a People Mover bus, or maybe a game you’re playing on your phone. No matter what you do you just feel like you’re being bombarded with advertisements screaming at you to come to that place of business.

As a business owner, I know just how overwhelming it can be to decide where you want to put your hard earned advertising budget to work. There’s so many options, which one is the best? For every business that answer can be different. For instance if you’re a hunting store you’re probably not gonna want to advertise in a kids magazine, and if you’re a baby doctor you probably don’t want to advertise in anything that has to do with AARP. Those are just a few examples, and there are so many more!

Thankfully, that’s what Slater Strategies is here for. You don’t have to be worried anymore about where is the best place to advertise for your business, because that’s our job. You already have enough on your plate as a business owner, running all the other day to day operations. Let us handle all of your marketing and advertising for you, and decide where we think the best place is for your advertising message to be. Then you’ll be able to focus more of your time and energy into something else that you’d rather be doing.

Partner your business with us and become part of the Slater Strategies family!

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Keep being awesome!

Mitchell Slater – Owner

Slater Strategies

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