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Snapchat updates to bring in augmented virtual reality

To all Snapchat users out there, notice anything different about your photo-snapping app this past week? The fleeting photo-sharing platform unveiled their biggest update yet, enabling users to transplant moving images and filters into their surroundings. Neat right?

Snapchat rolled out their World Lenses feature, a new component to the app that gives users the ability to take Selfie Lenses, and place them in their captured environment. The result is a visually stimulating and unprecedented virtual reality experience for all users married to their Snapchat app (there are a lot).

 Snapchat rewind

Snapchat didn’t just stop there. They though they’d take it a step further and show Instagram how it feels to be directly copied. When Instagram launched their Instagram Stories feature last month, they included a rewind feature. It proved to be a great move, because most Snapchat users complained that the lack of rewind in Snapchat had them favoring Instagram.

Well, not anymore. Users can click on the left hand side of their screens during a snap to rewind it. They can even swipe left while watching the snap and send it back to beginning. No more sifting through seconds of Snap Stories to get back to that part you really want to study.

Snapchat repost

Also worth noting – Snapchat now has a “repost” option that enables users to share their favorite Snap Stories with their friends. Another feature taken from Instagram, Snapchat wants popular accounts to be able to draw in new followers so they can essentially market themselves like the influencers on Instagram.

The war continues

Which platform will blatantly copy the other one next? Time will tell! Should be interesting to say the least. Go enjoy your augmented virtual reality inside Snapchat in the mean time, and know that Slater Strategies is only a phone call away if you ever need us!

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