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Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

It’s hard to ignore the prominence of video marketing in today’s social media marketing arena. Video viewing, sharing, and development are increasing at an astounding rate, and all major social media platforms are taking notice. From Facebook and Instagram, to Twitter and Snapchat, businesses have nothing to lose and everything to gain from turning their sights to the world of video.

Why is Video Marketing Growing?

 With 54% of all global traffic in 2016 spurred by video marketing (and predicted to swell to 74% in just one year), we as marketers must ask ourselves: why the expansion? The answer is simple: viewers are able to absorb information through a myriad of senses in just 30 seconds via a video. Attention spans are shrinking, and time is precious. Videos satisfy all of these desires, and leave us entertained, too.

Which Platforms Have Video Marketing?

 Since video is clearly King today, most major social media platforms have incorporated some component of video posting and sharing.

1.     Facebook: Facebook is leading the video marketing charge, and they’re proud of it. Natively uploaded footage to Facebook, especially through the Facebook Live feature, is being hardcore favored in their timeline algorithm. With 1.3 billion active users, your Facebook video content stands a huge chance of being exposed to new consumers.

2.     Twitter: Did you know you can respond and post Tweets using a video feed? In January, the comment-based platform rolled out a video marketing feature of its very own.

3.     Instagram: Facebook’s visual cousin, Instagram enables users to post short and long video segments, as well as uses a Snapchat-like feature of Instagram Stories (for 10-second videos that only last 24-hours). Like Facebook, video content on Instagram is currently being favored as well.

4.     Snapchat: The preferred social media platform of 13 to 34-year-olds, Snapchat is incredibly influential in buyer decisions today. With 2 billion posted Snaps per day, it’s worth checking this platform out.

5.     YouTube: Though it’s fading in relevance, there’s still 1 billion active users per day. It’s worth making a profile and uploading video!

Video marketing is only going to increase in importance. Here at Slater Strategies we can help devise a plan for incorporating it into your operation’s advertising outreach.

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