The Top Three Content Marketing Trends for 2018 - Slater Strategies
Now is the perfect time to sit down and formulate a Content Marketing strategy with your team for the rest of this year. What values do you want to market? Which core principles of your business brand are the most important moving forward? Are you considering a re-brand this year?

The answers to all of these questions are incredibly important for planning a content strategy for the year ahead.

We know not everyone has time to study Content Marketing trends, so here are the top three to focus on in 2018:

1. Visuals

The world is growing increasingly dependent on media consumption and static or moving images. If a person can glance at a beautiful, sleek photo instead of reading a 2-page article, they’re going to go with that option. People are busy today juggling family, work, and a work-life balance. If you want them to develop an interest in your brand, you need to make it easy for them.

2. Personalized Outreach

The competition is stiff today for standing out against the digital and social media noise. Most brands understand they need to be on social media and make themselves accessible to the prospective consumer. In order to outshine the competition, you need to deliver highly targeted and personalized messages to the consumers. Who is your ideal consumer? Identify 5 characteristics, and make sure your content is high quality and optimized just for them.

3. Technological Integration

Technology has made incredibly advancements in the last year – Artificial Intelligence is being implemented everywhere, more businesses are providing chatbots for immediate answers, and mobile app development is through the roof. Now is the time to jump onboard the technology train before it leaves the station without you. Consider releasing a mobile application that pings consumers when they walk by your store. The possibilities are endless.

As always, if this sounds too time-consuming, or just plain boring to you, that’s what we at Slater Strategies are here for! Make sure you have the high quality content you’re proud of this year. We can help.

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