In the construction industry, you know that visibility is paramount. You need to show your potential clients what they can expect from you and what type of work you do best. And because this business often relies on reputations, you might think there’s no need for online advertising, and a digital marketing strategy isn’t necessary.

In the past, marketing was all about getting your message in front of as many people as possible—the more people who saw your ad or heard your message, the better! But with the advent of digital marketing, things have changed. Like any other business, you must market your services to find new customers and increase profits.


Here are TOP FOUR REASONS how your ROOFING BUSINESS can benefit from digital marketing. Read on!


Reach target audience

The time of relying on print ads and direct mailings is long gone; today, taking advantage of online marketing allows you to reach target consumers who are interested in your services with messages they want to see (and click on). It helps to decrease spendings on wasted ads and move potential shoppers down the proverbial funnel — so it’s kinda hitting two birds with one stone!

Trackable results

Digital marketing is a vast area that encompasses a variety of strategies and techniques. With the use of a tracking tool or application, you can track how well your campaigns are performing and make adjustments accordingly. This means that you’ll know what works best for attracting new customers and which channels work better than others so you can see a measurable return on investment for your efforts.

Improved conversion rate

If you’re not seeing the ROI that you expect, then maybe it’s time to switch to digital marketing! You can check your conversion rate data and determine how many prospects converted into paying customers based on their exposure to your advertising. This will provide you a view of what percentage is converting to decide where else you should focus your efforts for future marketing campaigns.


The adage “you have to spend money to make money” may still ring true when it comes to advertising. However, you needn’t go all out on a big-budget campaign right off the bat if your funds are stretched thin, or you’ve already spent heavily in other areas of marketing. For example, many small businesses find success with their digital ads by capitalizing on social media trends and posting content related to those topics for free. This strategy has been shown time and again as an effective way to drive traffic from unexpected sources without having large sums of money invested upfront.

If you’re ready to leap into digital marketing, let’s show you how! Our team can provide an audit of your existing marketing efforts or help develop a cohesive digital marketing strategy that will give your Roofing business the visibility it needs in this fast-paced world. The time is now for change—let’s get started! Click Here!

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