Toronto Web Designers

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Toronto Web Designers

DIT Digital Marketing is a team of Toronto web designers who specialize in making beautiful, highly functional websites for our clients. Websites that look attractive and modern and have more of the right design elements will make their visitors more apt to shop around and make purchases. For a blog, having a professional design created by the best Toronto web designers will encourage your visitors to click on different pages and interact with your blog more.

Why Hire Toronto Web Designers?

Let's face it; your website - whatever kind of website it is - is your company's home on the Internet. It is the first impression that your company will make on everyone who sees it! Of course, first impressions are last impressions, so make a lasting impression in a positive way! Having a professional web design is more than a luxury, it's a necessity if you want to stand out and have an edge over your competitors.

DIT Develops and Designs New Websites

If you are just getting started online, and you don't yet have a website, DIT Digital Marketing can take care of that for you. We will build a website from scratch by coding or using the CMS of your choice. We will consult you regarding your options so you can choose the platform that works best for you.

We'll also manage your hosting and server for you, educating you as we build and design your website. DIT Digital Marketing offers an exceptional monthly or bi-monthly maintenance program where we update and clean up your web design and fix any bugs that may have come up. A monthly maintenance program is the best way to protect your website from threats and ensure that your users keep having a great experience.

We Can Redesign an Existing Website

If your website was built using browser-based markup languages, DIT Digital Marketing can access your HTML files and redesign your website using CSS3. By managing your CSS file, we can change colors, styles, padding, margins, containers, boxes, etc. With HTML5, we can place your elements anywhere we want them, making for comprehensive web design.

WordPress Web Design

A lot of our clients prefer WordPress or already have WordPress websites, which is no surprise because WordPress powers more than 1/3 of all websites on the Internet today (that's a lot of websites). WordPress makes web design easy because we can simply install a plugin like the premium version of Elementor, or we can add code in your WordPress file folders.

ADA Compliant Design

Nowadays, web design isn't just about looking good and functioning well - it's about being accessible to the disabled. The bad news is that you may not know how to do this on your own. The good news is that making your website W3C compliant will create a better experience for all of your users, not just the disabled ones.

Contact the best Toronto web designers today, DIT Digital Marketing. We'll listen to you, and we'll give you a free estimate.

Toronto Web Designers
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Toronto Web Designers Toronto Web Designers Toronto Web Designers