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Quality > Quantity with Social Media Marketing

Despite what critics were touting throughout the rise of social media, the marketing avenue is here to stay, and businesses are flocking in droves to set up social media pages before they’re left in the past. Social media marketing is dominating 2016 as the number one marketing channel for entrepreneurs, and the numbers are only going to increase.

With business owners manically running to set up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. before it’s too late, they’re doing so without a regard for quality in the interim.

Your business doesn’t need to be on 10 social media platforms

 A common myth in the rapid adoption of social media is that the more platforms your business is on, the better. It’s actually been reported that brands committed to their 3-4 successful platforms do better than the ones who spread their reach over 10. The whole point of social media is to connect intimately with consumers on a personal, one-to-one basis. It’s simply not possible to bring this kind of quality attention to 10 different platforms.

 Typically 3-4 will cover your industry needs

 Reports released this year back that claim that typically 3 to 4 social media platforms will cover all prospective consumer reach for any kind of industry. By keeping your efforts to just a few platforms, you’re more likely to develop unique, enticing content specific to that sphere. Consumers will take notice, and be more likely to invest in your brand.

Quality > Quantity

 We know the prospect of social media marketing is exciting and overwhelming. Quantity can seem to be paramount with so many available platforms today.

Here at Slater Strategies, we work hard to know this information for you. We’ll develop, customize, and manage your intimate profiles so followers feel valued and appreciated at the end of the day.

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