Palmer, Alaska - Slater Strategies

With Slater Strategies now having an office in downtown Palmer, Alaska, we feel this amazing sense of honor, since Palmer is such a beautiful town with a great history, and we are so proud to be a part of it. We love the fact that we’re an advertising & marketing agency in the Valley and are able to help locally owned and operated businesses here in our area with their advertising, design and social media marketing. It’s so much fun! We love helping local businesses, seeing them grow and meeting new people!

With Summer fast approaching and Spring in full swing, it’s appears like we’re gonna have a really nice Summer this year, well…at least we hope! 

So get out there and enjoy your Spring and all the fun activities that brings. Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing Mothers out there. You are one of a kind!

Keep being awesome Alaska!

Mitchell Slater

Owner – Slater Strategies

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