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Last night was the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in Indiana with two incredible teams! The Duke Blue Devils and the Wisconsin Badgers. It was an amazing game that was a lot of fun to watch! My wife Ashley is from Durham and her mom works for Duke University, so I married into a hard core Duke family and was cheering them on like crazy last night! While watching the game it made me think of something that I think we can all learn from.

With people that dedicated and in love with basketball, think about the amazing impact and change people could make in the world if they took that time and energy and put it into their business, job, family and community involvement. 

Now I’m not saying that basketball and sports are bad by any means at all. I love basketball and I’m already looking forward to next season and the upcoming NFL season too, but think for a second about how amazing that would be, if in addition to the energy we spend on the things we love like basketball and sports, we could also use that energy for other things. That would be amazing! 

It’s just something to think about, and something that got me thinking last night. It made me want to be even better at what I do, and I hope it does the same thing to you too! 

Congratulations Duke! I’m excited to be a fan!

Keep being awesome Alaska!

Mitchell Slater

Owner – Slater Strategies 

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