Iron Dog 2015 - Slater Strategies

On Sunday, one of Alaska’s toughest and hardest races started it’s annual trek to Nome and then onto Fairbanks, all on snowmachines. What a site to see this year, as the trails are extremely lacking with snow cover. Not only is that bad on the Alaska tundra, but the snowmachines are taking quite the beating this year with not a lot of snow to cushion the machines and the riders on this brutal 2000 mile course. With the amount of machines over heating because of the lack of snow to cool them down, I’m very interested to see how this race will turn out in the end.

I would still love to run the Iron Dog one day, I think it would be a lot of fun, I just hope there would be a little more snow then there is this year. The main sponsor would of course be Slater Strategies, and I would have our tagline “Taking Your Business North” somewhere on the machine so hopefully everyone would know we’re an Alaska advertising agency. Anyone want to run it with me? We have a year!

I’ve also wanted to do the Iditarod too, but I don’t have that many dogs, so I think my best bet is the Iron Dog. 

Best of luck to all the racers this year, stay safe and have fun!

Keep being awesome Alaska!

Mitchell Slater

Owner – Slater Strategies

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