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First uttered by Bill Gates in 1996, today’s marketing scene embodies the phrase “Content is King” more than any other marketing period in our world’s history. Content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites, blogs, and social media profiles to demonstrate their own, personal expertise.

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” – Seth Godin.

We live in a world driven by buyer behavior, buyer personas, and buyer perceptions as they relate to our businesses. With the rise of the Internet, detailed websites, and updated social media profiles right at consumer’s fingertips, the power has shifted in the arena of the buyer as they acquaint themselves with a business’ web presence. Gone are the days when a customer would pick up the phone, call a store, and speak to a sale’s representative about a new product.

This shift in marketing, as Gates predicted, has made content the absolute and all-powerful king.

When buyers stumbled onto your website, or search through your social media channels for supplemented information and a sense of your business brand, they’re hit with your content. Whether it’s website content, Facebook posting content, or social media ad content, content is king in the eyes of every consumer worldwide today.

So how do you get a seat next to the king moving forward? You harness the importance of content and commit yourself to strategized, edited, and enticing curated content. It’s important to make sure your social media posts educate your clients, show them best practices, and familiarize them with your brand and company personality.

With the massive, ever-growing wealth of business information instantly accessed by consumers today, your business needs to stand out with creative, well thought out, and of course, carefully written content day-in and day-out.

The perfect way to showcase your content mastery is through your social media channels. Trust us, your prospective customers will take notice.

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