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Frequency matters for social media posting

It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page set up for your business today. Most business owners and employees understand that social media is the advertising channel of the future. They’ve accepted it’s here to stay, and they’ve probably reluctantly made a Facebook page they post to once every 3 months.

Many people don’t realize how ineffective, and potentially damaging, it can be to have a business Facebook page they hardly take seriously. With 50 million small businesses on Facebook today, brands need to go the extra mile to reap all the social media benefits awaiting them. In order to do that, they have to appear present, available, and engaged on their Facebook page.

 Why inactivity is dangerous

 When a consumer visits a Facebook page that was last posted on in 2014, they either assume 1) it is out of business or 2) the owners are technologically illiterate and can’t seem to understand this new digital world. Both looks are bad looks when it comes to millennial shoppers (which make up the biggest bloc of shoppers today). These people then tell their friends the business is out of business, unresponsive, and the list goes on.

It turns into a snowball effect that is anything but good for a business.

Frequency matters

 Close to 100% of consumers state that they expect one social media post per day from their favorite brands if they’re going to continue following them. Consumers want to know what you think, why you think it, and what deals you can offer them. They want to be acquainted with you. The number one way for them to do that is by liking your Facebook page.

Frequency matters when it comes to posting. It gives off an attentive and energetic illusion to shoppers. They respond to this wholeheartedly, and click “like” to keep you in their lives.

We know most people can’t keep up with the social media babysitting necessary today. That’s why here at Slater Strategies we offer management services to keep your brand fresh, accessible, and alluring to online shoppers. Inbound marketing is our specialty. Give us a call today!

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