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The hottest social media headline fluttering around the news this week is Instagram’s incredibly bold and blatant copying of Snapchat’s MyStory feature. Called “Stories” on Instagram, the ephemeral feed enables users to upload photos or videos for up to 10 seconds. The posted content is only available to view for 24 hours before it disappears forever. Users can add text, emojis, and neon borders to their posts, all options directly copied from one of Instagram’s closest competitors, Snapchat.

The development left many people wondering: how could the Facebook-owned social media entity be so bold? Instagram made a statement this week declaring they owe their entire Stories update to Snapchat; but, like many other previous social media updates, they feel they did nothing wrong by integrating the laid-back picture-sharing approach that made Snapchat so famous.

Why did Instagram do it?

Between 2013 and 2015, almost 100% of Instagram users scaled back on their posting frequency. As the platform became more and more popular, it developed a boutique, high-end feel to it, leaving many users intimidated and scared of chasing followers away. The result is less frequent and more doctored photos users hope will grow their erratic followings.

By unveiling a Stories feature, Instagram is hoping more users will come back to the app and treat it like the fun, carefree photo sharing platform it was always meant to be.

What does this mean for businesses?

 Though the owners of Snapchat may not be the happiest campers today, this Instagram development is actually incredibly beneficial for businesses. Its Stories feature is more publicly accessible than Snapchat and enables businesses to kill two birds with one stone when logging into Instagram every day. The more content a business owner can share with consumers, the better.

We can help you launch and maintain an Instagram Stories feed here at Slater Strategies. If any of this is overwhelming, give us a call, and we’ll set you up immediately!

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