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Twitter, the land of the hashtag and direct customer service, is a great place for a business to showcase their commitment to consumers and branding cultivation. Consumers worldwide take to Twitter to interact with businesses one-on-one, whether it’s for praise, complaints, or plain product questioning. Through hashtags, geo-tags, and clever, cute Tweets, Twitter offers a multitude of opportunities for businesses to more closely reach consumers and drive up sales.

Is your business on Twitter? If not, here’s 5 critical reasons it should be:

1.     Customer service: No other social media platform is more focused on customer service than Twitter. People want to be heard, and they want businesses to know if they’re satisfied or dissatisfied with a product. Twitter is the place for them to relay that information, and if you’re business is on Twitter, consumers will be more likely to buy from you.

2.     Hashtagging: Twitter is where the hashtag was born. Every Tweet is accompanied by at least one hashtag, providing greater visibility for other Twitter users to find a business. All consumers have to do is search a hashtag or keyword, and any Tweet using that tag will pop up in their feed. It’s a great way for consumers to find your brand.

3.     Community tagging: In addition to the hashtag, Twitter is also a place to geo-tag your Tweets, and proudly confirm your physical location and dedication to your community. The more Tweets you accompany with a geo-tag, the easier it will be for local consumers to find your brand.

4.     Informal communication: Tweets are only 140-characters long, making Twitter an incredibly relaxed place to relay information. It’s why consumers feel so comfortable discussing customer service there. By being on Twitter, you’re making your business more accessible to the platform users.

5.     Competitor insight: Through the hashtagging function of Twitter, you can essentially spy on all of your competitors relatively easily. Just search a keyword related to your industry, and read all the posted Tweets and accounts to get a better idea of how you can improve your image.

Ready to put your business on Twitter? Give us a call at Slater Strategies – we WANT to help!

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