3 Reasons Why a Strong Brand is Crucial for Your Small Business. - Slater Strategies

Just about every business owner knows they need a functioning website and active social media profiles today to stay relevant. The world has moved into an age of Digital and Inbound Marketing, and as such, the competition is growing for digitally outshining competitors. With over 72% of consumers admitting they don’t consider a business that hasn’t invested in a digital footprint, it’s crucial now more than ever that businesses, especially small businesses, turn their attention to brand development.

What is a brand? A brand is everything your business embodies. A brand is the image your business projects into the world; it’s the impression prospective consumers get when they glance at your logo, website, and social media profiles; and it’s the platform on which you base your production and service distribution now and for years to come.

Does your small business invest in strong brand cultivation? Here are 3 reasons why it should.

1) Recognition

In order to cut through the digital noise today, your small business absolutely needs to carry some kind of recognition to stay relevant. The easiest way to create sustainable recognition is through an eye-catching logo, web design, and social media display. Take the time to sit down with one of our graphic artists here at Slater Strategies and really capture the essence of your business in an intriguing and easy-to-share image. Then, make sure you take that image and interweave it on all of your business platforms to provide a continuity that translates into brand recognition for prospective consumers.

2) Trust

Believe it or not, an identifiable brand creates a sense of trust consumers come to recognize. Branding presents predictability consumers want to find when investing their time and money in a business. If they know they can always count on your logo to appear on the bottom right hand side of your products, then they feel like they can trust you – they feel like they begin to know you as a business. The more consumers trust you, the more likely they are to go out and recommend your small business to a friend.

3) Inspiration

Branding is absolutely critical for attracting new customers. But, it can be even more beneficial for inspiring your current employees to stay with you and stick around to watch the growth of your small business. When employees really feel like they understand you, your business principles, and where your business is headed in one, five, and ten years, they’re more likely to develop a connection to the business. Branding gives your business personality employees can identify – and almost come to know as a friend.

These are just three of the millions of benefits that come with strong, focused, and targeted branding. Now more than ever, small businesses need to turn their attention to aggressive branding to stay relevant as the digital world continues to expand. We can help you every step of the way here at Slater Strategies, give us a call today!

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