DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS: Is Guest Blogging A Thing of The Past? - Slater Strategies

Blogging is an incredibly integral part of Inbound Marketing. A way to index pages on your website easily, blogging constantly gives your platform an added boost in search engine rankings. By frequently incorporating your keywords into your blog posts and publishing them a few times per week, that activity gives your platform more exposure and substance for potential consumers to digest.

Google continues to refine their algorithms to penalize spam and doorway pages. They’ve made it very clear they have no tolerance for spam saturating their search engine results. Many times when blogs take on a guest blogger or guest post, they don’t thoroughly research who wrote the piece and what source it came from. Too many blogs end up showcasing materials from spammed websites. This critical link established between the legitimate blogs and the spammed source of information ends up harming their search engine ranking results.

Since this is a risk most bloggers can’t take, guest blogging continues to drop in popularity among Digital Marketers. Now, that’s’ not to say it isn’t still a valuable tool if quality, secured sites are linked to the blog – it is. But the research and background checking that is required on the blogger’s end has made this partnership not so appealing today.

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game and hang onto the guest blogging approach, we advise you to take the time to completely study the site where the link is coming from, as well as the guest blogger’s writing abilities. Don’t knock down the caliber of your blog by taking in subpar work by someone else. Take the time to make sure only relevant and credible links are sourced on your blog. Here at Slater Strategies, we can pair you with an authentic, primarily sourced blog that showcases you and your brand in an unmistakable way.

You worked hard for years to establish a well-respected blog – don’t associate it with websites deemed as spam by Google.

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