The Increasing Importance of Interactive Storytelling - Slater Strategies

With more businesses refining and promoting their brand today, the Internet is becoming inundated with original content creation. The competition is stiff for standing out and attracting consumer’s eyes. What used to a relatively easy thing to do is requiring more work and in-depth creative processing for broadcasting a truly unique business branding.

In order to move past consumer’s desensitization towards brand content, businesses have turned their attention to interactive storytelling for resonating with audiences.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to develop deeper connections and relationships with target audiences. Moving images, interactive videos, and personable stories draw in consumers faster than boring and serious typed-out paragraphs. Visual storytelling grabs their attention before they have the option of clicking on something else. If you’re like us, when a video starts playing on Facebook, you can’t help but give it a quick glance, just to see what it’s all about.

Businesses worldwide harnessed the capabilities of interactive storytelling by the end of 2015. We saw a rise in 360 videos, allowing consumers to fully immerse themselves in a story and explore what they wanted from the comfort of their living rooms. Businesses, like Target, have experimented with 360 videos in houses, allowing consumers to click on the décor, bringing them right back to the product listing on Target’s website.

Interactive storytelling gives consumers intriguing and eye-catching control in perusing content. An inbound marketing trend sure to fully develop throughout 2016, virtual storytelling taps into human’s innate desire to connect on a personal and communicative level with others. By granting consumer’s access to full business immersion, their curiosity is going to drive them forward to participate.

Slater Strategies is here to help you with your very own interactive story. Give us a call today and let’s brainstorm it together!

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