Are You Harnessing the Power of Micro-Targeting? - Slater Strategies

Micro-Targeting and Hyper-Segmentation were elements of Digital Marketing we saw grow stronger in 2015. Resources that allow businesses to familiarize themselves with what exactly gets consumers and prospects to their social media platforms, Micro-Targeting is the lens that businesses have been looking for all these years.

Micro-Targeting is essentially using and analyzing consumer data to put forth a message and brand to the right people at the right time. No longer do business owners have to guess what group of people loved their most recent campaign. With all of the technological resources and analytics at our fingertips today, we can go right in and see exactly who looked at Facebook, how far down they scrolled, and which photos/articles they clicked on to read.

This insight allows businesses to effectively Micro-Target specific groups they already know are interested in a certain kind of product or service.

Social media platforms are fully aware of this hot trend, and are starting to incorporate more and more analytics for users to harness in their Digital Marketing approach. Facebook and Twitter, especially, offer a variety of data analytics for conducting targeted campaigns. Other consolidated platforms, like Hubspot and Hootsuite, gather all the social media data in one place for studying consumer behavior.

It’s been proven that target campaigns are twice as effective as non-targeted ones today. Micro-Targeting is a tool at every business’ disposal. It allows businesses to know their consumers, predict their purchases, and form a brand that aligns with their interests. All of this can happen today without the consumer ever having to set foot in the store. If you own a business not utilizing the Micro-Targeting analytics available for your company, you are seriously missing out on valuable information for conducting the perfectly targeted campaigns. Slater Strategies has you covered if you are interested in harnessing this amazing marketing tool for your business. Give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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