Why use LinkedIn? - Slater Strategies

When most people sign into their social media accounts every day, they’re viewing it as a fun escape from their day job, chores, homework, and so on. Statistics show the average social media user spends roughly 45 minutes a day on Facebook. We use social media as a form of entertainment, communication, and procrastination from our real-life responsibilities.

Since social media is viewed as a “fun” tool to many, most have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On these sites, people let loose and showcase pictures from their latest trips, always looking for discussion and praise. It’s no wonder, then, that it takes some convincing to spur these people to complete a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn takes all the time that Facebook does, but without the eye-catching travel photos, how-to cooking videos, and outrageous pet videos.

People don’t want to be reminded of their professional developments and career goals when they’re on social media. As such, too many people half-complete LinkedIn profiles and infrequently check on their notifications. They don’t take it seriously, nor do they take the time to learn about its official functions.

In an age when Digital Marketing rules all, it’s incredibly important to be on every single social media platform, especially one geared towards job development, recruiting, and professional awareness. LinkedIn is the “professional” social media platform, where businessmen and women scout for competitors, partners, employees, and active business groups. LinkedIn is where advocacy groups flock to refine their branding message while recruiting members.

It’s time people move past the “not-fun” stigma attached to LinkedIn. Every established business and company has a LinkedIn profile. A major tool for landing a dream job today, LinkedIn provides direct messaging access to employees at other businesses. It’s a platform of professional keyword dissemination, and above all, the most globally centered career-networking social media site available.

LinkedIn is designed for business showcasing. Businesses can brand themselves quickly and efficiently to thousands of other businesses and savvy entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. By creating a LinkedIn profile, image and online visibility in a professional light are immediately enhanced. The seriousness and respectability of LinkedIn gives active members an unspoken rapport and access to an invaluable network of like-minded people.

At Slater Strategies, we can’t stress enough how crucial it is to professionally brand your business to investors, consumers, and fellow businessmen around the world on LinkedIn. A free networking platform plugged into every corner of the globe, LinkedIn provides more opportunities to share your message and refine your company brand. The more you can post your industry keywords under your business title, the better. LinkedIn adds a level of digital professionalism not available on any other social media platform today. If you’re on the fence about creating a LinkedIn profile: do it. There is no other tool so helpful for solidifying a professional brand in the eyes of consumers worldwide.

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