Vine, the Twitter-purchased startup that featured only 6-second clips from videographers, this past week announced the app will soon be permanently shutting down after its 4-year stint.

Known for the humor and quick-wit video editing skills that left all of us laughing from time to time, Vine peaked at popularity during a 3-year stretch from 2013 to 2015. Vine was a widely used app, pioneering a short-form video style for social media, helping to bring in the video-sharing popularity that now dominates most platforms.

The end of Vine was foreshadowed when Snapchat hit the video scene, and Instagram started included video sharing on their once picture-only platform. Snapchat, a wildly popular real-time video app dominating marketing efforts for the 14-32 year old demographic today, essentially pulled Vine’s user base away for a more personal sphere. Instagram cleverly played along, and added video sharing, plus a real-time Instagram Stories feature, setting the stage for a Vine shutdown.

In Vine’s death post from October 27, 2016, they stated, “Thank you for taking a chance on this app back in the day.”

Twitter swooped up Vine at its early startup stages in 2012. Vine has since given birth to a new crop of Internet darlings, masters of sharing their personality and humor in 6-seconds or less.

The Vine platform, despite the app shutdown, will still be up so all Vine-addicts can watch their most cherished videos. Users will no longer be able to record and post in the app, however.

Will a new Vine-style app hit the market in the upcoming months? Time will tell. In the mean time, Snapchat and Instagram reign supreme as the video marketing platforms of the world.