Mike Devine State Farm - Slater Strategies

Wow! My wife and I truly feel so blessed to be apart of the community in Alaska. Such great people and businesses wanting to help and be there for their state. I saw this first hand with one of my customers, he’s a State Farm Agent and super good friend Mike Devine. He truly does put people before himself and is constantly trying to do the absolute best to help whoever he can. Then to top it off he coaches kids basketball and is constantly giving back to the community in that way and many others.

I’ve learned a lot from Mike Devine, in the aspect of how to run my company better and to constantly try to give back to my community and be the best I can.

I want that to be an encouragement to you guys. Be the best you can, and always try to give back to people. Be the change you want to see in the world. 

I love Alaska, and I am so blessed to be doing business in this incredible state and being able to work with some incredible people. You guys are amazing! 

Keep being awesome!

Mitchell Slater – Owner

Slater Strategies


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